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    Introducing the Hawker Pipe Handler
    The Hawker Pipe Handler is the best solution for increased speed,
    safety and efficiency when servicing a well.
    Reduces the need for manual labor when manipulating the pipe to and from a service rig.
    Designed to improve production times and reduce costs.
    Schedule a Demo today and see what the Hawker Pipe Handler can do for your business.
    Hawker can reach sub heights of up to 31 feet.
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    Hawker Pipe Handlers
    We offer mobile solutions that
    complete projects more efficiently.
    Customizable solutions for every sector.

Why you need a Hawker Pipe Handler

Arrives Field Ready

Hawker delivers your Hydraulic Catwalk unit ready to perform with a turnkey design, intuitive control layout and a low learning curve.

Fast ROI and Financing

The Hawker Pipe Handler quickly pays for itself. Need quick financing approval? We can help.

Decrease Mobolization Time

Ready to go in minutes. Complies with all DOT regulations and can be moved with a medium duty truck.

See it in Action

The Hawker Pipe Handler speaks for itself. Watch a video or view our gallery to see how our hydraulic catwalk pipe handler performs.
Click here for video.

Mobile Presence

With a weight of only 20,000 lbs the Hawker Pipe Handler can easily be moved from site to site with a medium duty truck. Once on location, the Pipe Handler can easily be moved or maneuvered into place using a truck or forklift. When you are ready to relocate the Hawker Pipe Handler, simply raise the all down riggers into the travel position and within minutes you are ready to travel to the next location.

Remote Control

The Pipe Handler operator has the option of using the controls located on the on the Hydraulic Catwalk, or the included state of the art wireless remote control.

Higher Productivity

The Hawker Pipe Handler was designed to withstand the everyday wear and tear of the extreme elements that it will be operated in. The speed and efficiency of our machine will help increase safety, productivity, and reduce operating costs.

The Mobile Hydraulic Pipe Handler Solution

The Hawker Pipe Handler was developed to simplify the well servicing process.

The Hawker reduces the need for manual labor when lifting pipe to, and removing pipe from the service rig. The Hawker Pipe Handler introduces speed and efficiency that improves production times and reduces overall well servicing costs.

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