The Hawker Pipe Handler was developed to simplify the well servicing process.  Here are the significant differences that makes us stand out above our competition...


The Hawker reduces the need for manual labor when lifting the pipe to and removing from the service rig.  By using our Pipe Handler it greatly reduces the chance of back injuries and workman's comp claims for the company.  Its speed and efficiency is designed to improve production times and reduce costs.  The Hawker is simple to move from site to site.  When you pull on to a job site the Hawker can be set-up and ready to go within minutes!

Height Adjustment system: (Patent Pending)  We have an exclusive pinless height adjustment system that allows us to go from the lowest to highest setting in less than a minute.  Our hydraulic set-up allows you to easily adjust height with ease while you are in the field.

Synchronized Index arms:  Our index arms that lift the pipe from the pipe rack are synced together..which allows pipe to  lift and roll evenly on and off the Pipe Handler.

Synchronized flippers: Our flippers are synced together to allow even removal of pipe out of the trough.

Service:  Our Service techs are available for trouble shooting 24 hours a day.  We also provide next day service on labor and parts if needed

Designed and Engineered for quick preventive maintenance: Parts are available for next day delivery on our shelf.  No special orders.. The Pipe Handler was designed for quick and easy repair with the operator and mechanics in mind.

Heavy duty, safety, speed, efficiency:  The Hawker Pipe Handler was designed to withstand the every day wear and tear of the extreme elements that it will be operated in.  The speed and efficiency of our machine will help increase productivity and reduce operating costs.

Product Brochure
  • Made in the USA
  • Supporting Energy Independence
  • Safer Way to Handle Pipe When Pulling or Placing
  • Your Crews Will Appreciate The Performance & Safety Hawker Provides
  • Built to Last
  • Designed for Tubular Protection
  • Built From the Ground Up
  • Quick Return on Investment
  • Department of Transportation Compliant
  • Heavy Duty and Yet Light Enough to Haul
  • Simple to Operate
  • Designed and Engineered for Quick, Preventive Maintenance
Features Cont.
  • Custom Paint to Brand Your Company
  • Set Up and Tear Down Quickly
  • Safe & Efficient
  • Reduced Costs Through Efficiency
  • Remote Control Included
  • We Can Customize Your Unit to Fit Your Needs
  • This Unit Arrives (Turnkey) Field Ready
  • Custom Manufacturing Available
  • Training Provided
  • Maintenance Plans Offered
  • Minimizes Injuries and Workmen's Comp Claims
  • Full Time Hydraulic Filtration System
  • Patent Pending

Why you need a Hawker Pipe Handler

Arrives Field Ready

Hawker delivers your unit ready to perform with a turnkey design, intuitive control layout and a low learning curve.

Fast ROI and Financing

The Hawker Pipe Handler quickly pays for itself. Need quick financing approval? We can help.

Decrease Mobolization Time

Ready to go in minutes. Complies with all DOT regulations and can be moved with a medium duty truck.

See it in Action

The Hawker Pipe Handler speaks for itself. Watch a video or view our gallery to see how our pipe handler performs. Click here for video.


Experience the Hawker difference.




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