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Hawker CFO: Industry rule changes expected to create opportunities

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BUFFALO, Minn. (Feb. 4, 2013) -- Hawker Well Works is setting its sights on a strong year for its pipe
handler as oil companies face the challenge of drilling more wells while complying with stronger industry
standards, according to Hawker CFO Mike Hentges.
"The timing is really perfect for us. Our pipe handler gained broader acceptance during 2012 and proved
itself to the industry. And now, with a heightened emphasis on safety, oil companies are looking to
make wider use of technologies like ours that enable them to drill more safely and efficiently," said
"We are encouraged by the industry's reception of our pipe handler, which uses hydraulics rather than
pins and has more variability on the lift height. Another factor that has grown in importance is that the
Hawker pipe handler is one of the only products in its class made in the U.S.A. This is vitally important to
oil companies, for whom public approval is critical as they seek drilling permits and address
environmental issues," said Hentges.
Oil companies increasingly are making use of pipe handlers as a way of getting rigs into operation more
efficiently and preventing injuries that can drive up liability costs. "Getting pipes in a vertical position has
always been a challenge, with a lot of risk for back injuries from lifting pipes into place, or for accidents.
There's a lot that can go wrong and cause severe injury or even death," said Hentges.
Hawker is also seeking to solidify customer loyalty through customization and customer service,
providing custom painting, training and maintenance plans.
Hawker Well Works, based in Buffalo, Minn., provides its pipe handler and related products and services
nationwide to help promote safer and more efficient drilling operations. Individuals interested in
additional information may call 800-516-1774 or visit