Hawker Training 


Upon purchase of our Hawker Pipe Handler the Owners and operators will be provided the following:

Training in operation and set-up.  The operators will be trained on how to properly set-up the machine on-site and receive step by step instructions on how to operate every control.

The owners and operators will receive owners manuals with detailed description of all components and operating procedures.

Owners and operators will receive contact information for all sales and service techs so if any questions arise they can contact immediately.

Company repair technicians will receive training on how to properly service and maintain machine to help minimize down time and maximize the Pipe Handlers efficiency.

Why you need a Hawker Pipe Handler

Arrives Field Ready

Hawker delivers your unit ready to perform with a turnkey design, intuitive control layout and a low learning curve.

Fast ROI and Financing

The Hawker Pipe Handler quickly pays for itself. Need quick financing approval? We can help.

Decrease Mobolization Time

Ready to go in minutes. Complies with all DOT regulations and can be moved with a medium duty truck.

See it in Action

The Hawker Pipe Handler speaks for itself. Watch a video or view our gallery to see how our pipe handler performs.
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Experience the Hawker difference.




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